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All of Benko's CCTV Camera Technicians are NAAPI and NASSCO certified.


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CCTV Inspections

Benko utilizes the latest camera equipment available to ensure quality and reliability for allof its customers. Whether your requirement is a quick survey inspection or a long-term project of CCTV recording and coding, Benko is equipped to do it all.

All of Benko's CCTV units have the capability to download video footage directly onto hard-drive or DVD, which means that the final product can be delivered to the customer on the spot!

Benko's choice of data collection software allows for easy integration into Municipal Asset Management systems.

Mainline to Lateral Inspection

Benko has the latest technology available to inspect lateral connections fromwithin the mainline pipes. This process launches a camera from the main into a service line without any upstream access point to the lateral.

Benko's launcher can enter a lateral from within a mainline as small as 6 inches in diameter. The camera head is capable of pan-and-tilt operation from within service connections as small as 4 inches in diameter.


Benko offers electronic line locating within pipelines and service connections. This will give an accurate above groundposition marker along with the depth of the pipe.

All of Benko's cameras have a built-in locating sonde feature. Where pipe access is limited, a stand alone sonde can be pushed into the pipe and traced above ground.

Locating can be combined with any of Benko's services

Flushing and Cleaning

As part of an ongoing maintenance contract or as an emergency call, All of Benko's Combination Flusher/Vacuum units are late model and have high volume pumps to ensure large quantities of debris are cleaned quickly and efficiently.

Reaming & Concrete Removal

With Benko's variety of reamers and milling tools, almost any pipe intrusion can be removed without having to excavate the problem. Common problems include: hardened Calcite at the pipe joints, root intrusion, grout leakage, intruding connections.

Deflection Testing

Deflection Testing is required as part of some municipal assumption requirements. Mandrel testing is a method of deflection testing that involves pulling a "go, no-go" mandrel through the line to identify deformation within flexible pipe materials.The deflection testing process can be combined with flushing and CCTV operations or can be carried out independently to provide an indication of defective pipe work.

Air Testing

Air testing is required as part of some municipal assumption requirements.

Air testing involves the plugging of each end of the pipe to test the whole line. If a failure is found, the pipe can be tested in sections to accurately locate the leak.

This service can be combined with Flushing and CCTV operations or can be carried out independently to give an indication of defective pipework.

Smoke Testing

Smoke Testing enables Benko to quickly check pipes for any breaks or cracks. This service allows the customer to assess the threat of a leaking pipe contaminating surrounding ground and infiltrating the water table.

This service will also identify infiltration of unwanted ground water into the sewage treatment system.

This service can be combined with Flushing and CCTV operations, or it can be carried out independently to give an indication of defective pipe work.

Laser Profiling

The Laser Profiler is a stand-alone, snap-on tool for use with CCTV survey systems to collect data and create pipeline reports containing the measurement of faults and other features inside the pipeline. This includes measurement of pipe size, laterals, water levels and other features, as well as automatic analysis of pipe ovality and capacity.